Saturday, July 25, 2015

... and then....

... I remembered that I have a bog!
That I must  should post more of my work... my challenges in keeping organised (guess no organisation here).

Sooooo.... this week I've tried to make rooties/ wraps.
And I finally got it right.... so well done that I even froze some to make the next day again!
No photo to show, sorry :(

been busy with my little business, yes I've been :)
With the girls at school... oh and on Monday I'm going to a outing with my younger girl to the big city... Cape Town.... I'm going to help controlling some kids (more to make sure they all return to the bus once we finished from the museum)
The outing is to the Planetarium and the South African Museum.... I'm going to have fun....with the kids!

From my work to show is...
Finished the Embellishments...

... and they were even nicely packed :)
This was part of a order... hope to see more from this in the future.

... another mobile... this one my first one, with a repetition of the sheep, but the other animals are all new...
Farm Mobile

... and this busy bee here is already cutting another mobile, next one is going to be the plane one with the hot air balloon in the centre.... and preparing 3 pages for a quiet book.....

I see a very busy week.... and a very quiet blog again ;)

Cristina xoxo


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  1. Lovely items as always. Those flat ones would work really well for scrapbooking, have you considered marketing them for scrappers?