11 March 2015


Good morning Little Wilds peeps
Since my last post been doing much more cuteness... just stay with me.... there's going to be a lot of photos in this post.
So I did the Elephant and the crochet ending on the blanket... then the client asked me to do a banner also.

Needless to say it was gorgeous.... full of colourful beads and flowers, I loved it!

Then my girl had her first out dancing party!
I will not comment on this.... I'm still a little in shock.....

Then the elephant saga continues....
but this time a mobile with a different design....

And now I'm making tie back curtains with the cute minnie mouse baby.... not finished yet, I may look like superwoman, hoop-di-do!..... but i'm not :(

So that's it for today....

If you like it say HI!
If you don't like it say SAYONARA!
If you're still too shy.... please comment on my next post ;)

Cristina xxxxx


Elzaan said...

Your girl looks lovely. Hope you all survived the first dance night out!
Well done on all the cute little elephants...and Mini Mouse!

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