Monday, March 23, 2015

Crochet and Mobile

Well, it looks like I've been looking at my selfie for 10 days, because there is no other new post ;)
The new post it will be today, Horray!

Finish during the weekend 1 mobile with cute bunnies and adorable sheeps. And finished also the Christening crochet blanket that I started at the end February. It was a relaxing and enjoyable work to do, but to be sincere this weekend I had to just finish was getting a little bit bored...  I'm starting to know myself a little when a project is taking too long, and I just have to start something new.... please :)

So here are the photos for today....

Really don't know how to take photos of crochet.... this was the best of me. The blanket is just breathtaking!

Then the mobile

These two items were ordered by my girls ballet teacher... they will go to India for her son's first baby.

Hope they like it...

C xxx

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