Sunday, December 28, 2014

who am I....

So we are at the end of 2014... Walking with big steps towards 2015!
I've been thinking a lot of the real purpose about writing here....
I have a Facebook page, that makes so much easier to post there.... but also because I have much more comments there, witch to tell you the truth if fills my ego a lot!
Here half of my followers are very silent, apart from some old friends that I made through here, that support me.
You all know I work with felt to sell, not to became rich (I wish!) but to be able to buy the extras that sometimes there is no plan for it.
So I'm a mom, with a craft habit, that tries to make two little wilds happy....

I have also other addictions that I don't mention here....
I would like to talk about this country that I've landed 11 years ago, that seems so strange and yet I fell so at home here, without being called a racist with my comments.

I come from Europe, from a country, Portugal, that is falling apart, true.
There are good things there, as there are good things here!
If I could join them together that would be awesome!

I'm also an addicted list maker
I'm also an addicted planner maker
Can't live without my mini lists and can't live without my planer!
It helps me to organize my day with my two girls, and to organize when I can make my crafts....
I also try to plan meals and shopping lists....
I'm a compulsory list maker! There I've said it.

Been hiding from this blog from a long time.... but I can't handle anymore.

I've got all my crafts selling on Facebook, so I'm thinking I would combine crafts and my addiction here on the blog.... maybe people would be more interested.

I'm also a collector of recipes.... love the pictures (although sometimes the taste doesn't go with the perfect picture)

So I think 2015 is a turning point for this blog.
I will still show my little work with felt, but show a little of what I like.....

Hope you don't go away, afraid of the new posts.

Comment what you think about this.... Thank you :)

C xxxx


  1. A good idea! I'd love to see more of you!

  2. Oh Cristina, you are like my sister who lives far far away!
    We should do some of this together. I <3 Planners/lists. I even created my own! And recipes...oh that is something I have been meaning to tackle for a long time. I even played with the idea of starting a new blog all about the millions of recipes from the magazines and the recipe books I have.