Monday, November 10, 2014

Felt as taken over my life... part II

Not complaining, only stressed viewing the date approaching, faster than a speed bullet!
Last week I was able to finish the two mobiles, only the wood stand is still to be put together and painting!

Finish the owls that you saw on my previous post...
Finish 4 heart charms.... still to sew 11 more, oh dear!

This means I have more work to be done this week.... because I spent the weekend cutting work for this week...
 ... more owls....
 .... 2 Hello Kitty....
.... and the Xmas Mobile HoHoHo.

Yesterday I was overwhelmed with the Ho Ho thing.... I've cutted 60.... Christmas is stressing me already ;)
Enjoy your week, I will pop up here once I have more updates

See you

Cristina Xxxx

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