18 November 2014

All together...

Yes they are....

A mobile that you don't see for a long time is going to travel far...far away!
But he is not going alone.... more to join in....
Wild life mobile, Butterfly mobile and the Bears mobile....

They really took over my kitchen table!

and there is more....
 4 crochet head bands
 4 Owls
 4 Tooth pillows
 2 Xmas mobile
 2 My little pony
1 Hello Kitty
1 Dinosaur (the yellow one)

 All together in this box....
.... and another george made with is friend the dino and a finger puppet (this one is going inside the same box but it will be deliver closer :) )
And that is all.... see why I've been so quiet....

See you

C xxxx



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