Monday, April 08, 2013

Late Sunday news...Snow in the mountains???? it is only Autumn!!!!!

So this is already Monday late evening.....but still i would like to show you what i did Sunday morning!!!!

These to cute birds for pencil tops
For my girls, with their favourite colours.

So they were so happy that they took it to school, BUT they can not use it, against the rules....

They arrive home sad, but at the same time they didn't mind, they can use it at home to make the homework.

The weather here is changing drastically fast. The temperature drop from yesterday to today 10 deg.

So winter is coming fast, they even said on the news today that could have some snow on the mountains...imagine that we are at the beginning of Autumn!!!!

Well i don't mind, i love cold days
Bring it on Baby!!!!!

So as the Cape townies say....

See you all now now.



  1. Very cute pencil toppers. I can't believe they aren't allowed to use them at school. Sometimes rules make no sense!