Thursday, April 07, 2011

And the peep is for....


Pencil cases!
Yes my friends, nothing extraordinary here, just simple pencil cases with a view.
These ones are for my daughters, they have so many pencils, and pens, and crayons, that every time they want something it becomes a mission to discover the where they are.
So that is the end of it!

On one side they have the window

on the other side they have their names, just in case they want to start a figth...

here you can see that a lot goes in there...

and finaly, they can find what they are looking for just to peep to the inside of the pencil case!

It gave me an enormous pleasure to do this pencil cases, although i had some difficulty when it came to aply the zipper on the side of the window, but i managed to do it.