Monday, April 06, 2009

Still Alive and Kicking

Hello everyone.

I really didn’t forget about my blog, no ways...

I’m completely addicted to the net, the reader (i’ve got more then 300 blogs over there!), and more the couple of groups in Yahoo, and a couple of groups more in Google, and the Ravelry, and the other fourums where i’m loged on,and everytime i find a new blog, with lots of pretty stuff, i just loose the all day on it, just drooling.

And that is why i just don’t blog for a long time. It takes me also more time to compose a post because i do it in English and Portuguese. So afther i write this one, i translate everything to Portuguese. It is a lot of work because i must do a new post again. I don’t like to see the bilingual blogs, personal i just get lost looking for the rigth words, but that is just me!

I would like to make some post about South Africa, since i’m a foreigner here...

That is something on my mind for a long time now, to show what i found diferent in this country...

Well but for now, i’m just going to show some of my poncho, still wip, i just need to buy more ivory yarn for the finihsings...

And what i found in a second hand shop, here in this little small town of Somerset West. I couldn’t believe when i saw the ball winder, just waving at me...

I don’t even know if they sell this here, well where i live, i didn’t see it yet.

I was so happy that as i arived home, everysingle ball went to the winder!

Even Paulo started laughing. I looked like a kid, with a new toy...

I don’t have anything else to winde, so i must now calm myself, and wait for me to go to the shop... HA HA

So that’s all for today.


  1. You are forgiven! You write in two languages which is amazing!
    The poncho is looking very pretty, can't wait to see it finished.

  2. I am so jealous!! I've been hunting for a ball winder for ages! If you happen to see another one, please grab it for me and I will buy it off you!