Tuesday, April 14, 2009

The simple life

The school started here in South Africa at the end of January; yes I know I’m a little late in showing these photos...

This is Nicole with her school uniform, now remember this was 6.30am, the third day of school, and she was a little bit sleepy, and looked like sleepy too.

Because she is in GradeR, that is the year before the beginning of the real school, they don’t need to use the uniform every day, but she wants and she likes to use it. She told me she looks like the big kids...

And at the same time, for same extra curriculum we have tried the Ballet with her.

I must say i was very disappointed with the first class; I was expecting to see her dancing, jumping and the all chabouw in the first one.

I know it was ridiculous of me to think like that, but still it was in my mind...

I just have to say, she is having a good time, she likes it, i like to see her, and that’s what matter.

Sorry about the quality of the photos, these were taken with a cell phone, and with a lot of movement.

And tomorrow the second term starts.

Here we go again...


  1. They look so sweet in their ballet clothes! That brings back memories...

  2. She does like a Big Girl :) Lauri also in pre-school and they offer ballet and piano class. I am still thinking it over whether I should let her get it now or next year.