Saturday, February 28, 2009

A little bit of rain dance, please!

This was at 3 pm.
The fire re-started again in the mountains.
Still is faraway from my house, but it makes me think of a emergency plan, we never know.

Apart from that Nicole had aher friend from school today. Tyler is a very sweet girl.
There was plaiyng, pool time, and movies with popcorn.
They had a great time.

And this little laddie took advantage of everything, but of course!!!

Today I've started this draw from a ballerina girl.
It will be for a bag for Nicole's ballet.

Yes i know, there are a lot of photos to post about. The uniform school, and the ballet classes. But with time.
As you can see I'm starting to post again, with more regularity.

PS: I know there is a lot of people that comes to my blog, and read my post. Please, i would like very much to know who you are, so please leave a comment. I would love to hear from you...Yes you there...hehehehe.



  1. Isn't the smoke awful. I could hardly breathe yesterday!

    I planned what I would grab first too :)

  2. The smoke is scary - it must be horrible to be so close to it. Hopefully the temperature drops soon and the fires come under control.

    Very sweet embroidery, by the way!