Thursday, February 05, 2009

Do i need a vacation??

Work that i finish last year, but didn’t had the oportunaty of showing here.

A knitting bag for me.

First time that I attempted to do the straps removable, like that I can put the strap shorter or not. (This one was my creation).

The Kitty doll in crochet for the girls.

Now things that i finish lately.

Mocassins for A..

And a tipe of sock but to wear at home for me.

A sweater for N.

And socks for me.

I think i did 90% of all my waiting projects in bags.

Now back to the 10 remaining %.

Au reuvoir




  1. Que Kitty tão gira!!!Isso tem esquema? Se tiver, podes enviar-me para pedir à minha avó para fazer para a boneca cá de casa. Beijinhos para todos

  2. you have been so busy! well done you!!
    btw I love your knitting bag!

  3. I love that kitty! And the socks look great - though not for the weather today ;)

  4. Your Hello Kitty is cute. I like it! Luckily my daughter didn't see it :)

  5. Yes, I think you do need a vacation-your a busy little bee!

  6. Kitty is cute. All your work is great. :)

    You have been tagged with 6th picture tag, have a look at my blog for instructions.