29 May 2008

Is lace calling me?

Autumn cardigan (update)
The Autumn Cardigan is going well, apart that I had to do the back piece again! But that doesn’t really mater now.

So from this…

Ended up in this…

I’ve already cast on for the sleeves, but with a provisional cast on, I want my sleeves to go down a little bit more, and not like the pattern ask for.
Hoping to have a finish cardigan in the next post.

I join Rachel knitting room in Yahoo; they have a knit a long dishcloths thing. This is my first one from this group.

Lace again,

I’m starting to feel the urge to make something big in lace. Everything that I join so far, like the SPK2008, and now this group, are doing lace. So this may means something to me. A calling from the knitting world, like, please try the lace…
I’ve already started to look for lace patterns in small things, like scarf’s or shawls. Any suggestions?

In the middle of my projects I’ve insert this one.

I found a very talent crafty lady from Brazil, where her blog is full, and I mean full of different crafts and good ideas to make. I just looked at her cactus and felt the urge to make one for me too.
This one that I made is almost my creation, I started to follow one of her patterns, but then I just kept on going on making my own.

Hope everyone is having a wonderful day, see you now, now!

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