Friday, May 09, 2008


I promised a crochet post.

And here it is.

Green bag

Red bag

And a very colorful pink bag, using the pattern from Inga's site.

You can find the pattern in PDF here.

All of them weren’t for me, the first two, sold out on request, and the last one a request from a friend, that have been helping me in this country!
She loved it, and I loved the color, so wild!

N. pillow is going slowly but going.

I’ve already finish the front, but now I’m stuck with the back.

Don’t really know if I will do a plain sc in a square, or another test of other crochet stitch. I do think I must probably will go for a plain back, just for not to take the beauty of the front panel. Any suggestions???

Now, what to do with scrappy yarn? I mean that scrappy that you usually just toss in the garbage!
Why not do a flower and a chain and join with a slip st, and give it to a girl.

They love it, even if it is going to end in the big box of toys, it doesn’t matter, they will find it again, and love it!

Now not crochet related, but knitting.

Do you like it?



  1. I love all the things you have been working on! I especially like the knitted slippers! Did you make the pattern? Hope you are all doing well!

  2. you have been a buzy bee: love the little edge on the shoesocks (if that is a word!)