Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Cold Weather = More Knitting and Crochet!

The cold weather is here for certain!
So more time to do more knitting and crochet things.

I’m still doing the afghan year along crochet blocks from the Ravelry groups.
This block is for May, Flower Burst.

Pattern: Flower Burst
Yarn: Elle, Pure Gold, DK

Another dishcloth from the mid of April.

Pattern: dots within stripes
Yarn : Elle, Splish Splash, 4 ply cotton

This one is very colorful.
Very easy to do, although it looks complicated.

And cast on for the 2# sock for the SKP2008, it is called Berlin Muster .

And here is the finish socks. No this wasn’t as fast as the post. It took me actually 2 weeks to make these socks, but only now I had the opportunity to show.

Pattern: Berlin Muster
Yarn: Elle, Sock Wool, Cherry Red, 4 ply
Needles: 2, 25 mm
Notes: Started with the cuff casting 62 stitches. When I finish the cuff I cast of two stitches, this way the cuff to me is always good to stretch. Made 3 repeats of the pattern in the leg. For the rest of the sock I made 3 and ½ repeats until the toe.
Another pair for the SKP2008 done.
And another pair for the SAM5, for the May month.

Still doing the cardigan. Already made the other front, and the back. But, then I made a fake seam to try the cardigan on, and it looks like the back is forcing the fronts to the back!!!
Looks complicated my explanation, but never mind. I just cast on again for the back, this time with more stitches. Hope to make a post with the cardigan for the next time.
I just made a decision, which I’m not going to start another big project, without finish these ones that I have in hands. So that means that this cardigan is going to fly in my needles like it had wings!!!
Wish me luck.

On other news. We’ve been having some problems with the Foreigners in this country. Well they don’t have a problem, some of the people of South Africa has!
There have been some big fights in the north, because some South Africans think that the people that comes from other countries, more precisely from Zimbabwe, Angola, Mozambique, etc. Are stilling their jobs!
So the north of the country now is a little bit in state crises.
Let’s see if this just goes away, shame, there was enough trouble in the country that they came from, and now they are having trouble here also. But they don’t want to go back, and I give them reason. It is better to live here with fear, but with bread, then to go to their country and live with worse fear and no bread on the stomach!
Well, that is my opinion.


  1. Beautiful socks!

    I agree with you about the violence; I hope some kind of lasting solution can be thought of....

  2. Adorei seu blog!!!!!!!!!!!



  3. alo, i am portuguese and i adore youre blog, congratulations, its all adorable. kisss *****

  4. Hello
    Have not heard from you in a while, your blog is gorgeous. I also now have a blog my dear, www.knookoumie.blogspot.com. Have a great day.