18 March 2008

Don’t wish too hard, or it may come true!!!

Yes. Don’t you ever, ever, never, and I mean never wish too much something, because if you don’t have it yet, or it didn’t happen yet, there may be a reason why!
On my last post, I was speaking with my mouth full, that I had to turn my pc off, to have more time, and so on. What was I thinking?
I think someone took my words seriously, too serious for my taste!
(I must say that everyone is OK.)
We are robbed on the night from Sunday to Monday. Yes this is real!
Apparently here in South Africa is normal for the houses to get robbed while people are sleeping!
It sounds scary, but usually they spread some kind of smoke in the house, especial one that people will fall a sleep so deeply that nothing will awake them up, and they just clean the house.
Now, guess what they took!!! My PC, among other things, of course. Wallets, all our documents, money, hard drives, phones, even cigarettes!!!
Apparently, they didn’t put the especial smoke in the house because we didn’t have any headache. That is the symptom for the smoke.
So in the morning we went down the stairs, the rooms are in the first floor. And what a night spree!!!
Now, the bag from the last post, may she rest in peace, went also, I didn’t even had the chance to use it properly!
I’m so mad about everything, of course everyone is ok, but we always take some time to get stuff for us to have, and some guys just come here and take it all away! GGGGGRRRRRRRRRR
Must now wait for my husband to came home from work, to have a little of internet and pc.
All my files, everything is gone, so if I didn’t replay to some one please excuse me, could you please send it again. And no record of emails here. So if you want me to replay, you are going to have to leave me your email also.
I think this is my first post ever with no photos.
See you
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