Tuesday, November 13, 2007


So I finally finished the second clue of the Sock Knitters anonymous from ravelry!

Yes I had problems. Well I actually had a lot of problems!

I frogged this sock almost 10 times, but I was expecting some problems so I put a life line in the last round of the first clue, lucky me, maybe I was really expecting trouble!
I’ve never knitted something from a chart, and apparently from a chart working around is even worse!
Hopefully I had a big help from this spectacular lady. Yes thank you, with your explanations, by sending emails, one after another, I would never have done this mystery sock.
Now, here are the photos of the evolution.

Waiting for the 3rd clue now, let’s hope it doesn’t come in chart. But if it is in chart, I just have to put a life line, and had some extra laughs every time that I frog.

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  1. Nice work. SO how do the clue thing work you get a pattern and do it without knowning what it is exciting. :) I think it's a glove just my guess lol.:)