Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Mystery #3

The 3rd clue is done.

But deep inside I think I made a mistake, when I started the heel. Because of the pattern that I made in clue#2. Let’s see….
I did enjoy making this heel pattern, it is so beautiful!

Now isn’t nature beautiful!

Inspired by Jayne, I started to do my little garden. And you can see that is very small, but made with a lot of love. Sounded like melodramatic!
Those were seeds of parsley, and hopefully, we can start taking them out maybe in 1 or two weeks.
I’m going to try to choose a different variety of other seeds, and try to do the same. It will be fun, which is certain!


  1. Pretty little garden!

    Have you made a terrible mistake with the sock, or is it something you can ignore? I hope you don't have to frog it. The stitch pattern is very nice.

  2. The stitch pattern is pretty. I'm sorry you had to frog it. I love your little plant sprouts! Growing flowers makes me happy, too, along with knitting. Unfortunately, it's getting so cold up here, so we look forward to spring!

  3. Olá, obrigada pela visita ao blog!
    Se não for muito trabalho agradecia que me dissesse os links :)
    Acho que as meias do ravelry vão ficar o máximo!

    Chuana :)