27 December 2015

...Almost the end of the year resolutions....

Got to love this post :)
Usually we see this in the beginning of the year... but I have so much stuff to do right now... I cannot wait 4 days to get things done... it is ridiculous!

- Need to organize my craft corner....
changed some tables and now half of my cupboards where I used to tidy up are gone.... Have to sort it out the only one available... throw everything away to make space for my goodies!
- Need to make new pillows for my living room...
I said that in the beginning of this month.... oh look, we are on the 27 already!
- Need to organize my little wilds closet...
I have found a substantial amount of clothes to wash.... that is a sign that they cannot tidy the already confusing closet... and it is much easier to just give it to mommy to wash then to fold!
-Need to start to cut work...
Cannot and I will not get lazy... that made me work this month until midnight, that ended in the morning with a very bad itchy eyes!

Now you may say that is not that much.... yes it is!
I also want to practice my cheesecake until perfection....
Make a Indian cake that from the picture looks divine!
Need to go shopping for the remain stationery for next year!

... and I also want to have time to sit on my actual couch and watch some TV....

Anyone in the same boat?

Cristina :)

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