13 October 2015

Update... Showing... so late...part1

Well, well, well...
Looks like I'm back again.....
Reason... lots of them, but I'm not going to talk about it, don't want to get you all bored with the bla bla... and bla bla bli!
I've been doing some work... mini holidays (school holidays) with the girls... and starting the stress of the end of the year exams here and there, final year concerts.... the normal da-di-da...
In this post I will show all the mobiles that I made since my last post.... hope you enjoy the photos...
Made in August:

Elephant Mobile

Bunnies Mobile

Made in September:

Yoda, Fox, Boston Terrier, Owl and Elephant Mobile

Made in October:

Owl Mobile
Hope you liked it
Next post will be about Quiet books.... oh my there will be lots of photos to show :)

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