Monday, June 29, 2015

Winter Holidays

Today it is the beginning of the school winter holidays here.
There will be 3 weeks of laziness around this house.... still I have orders to do.... but I will take it slow ;)

I'm going to give some of my work to the girls, to see if they can help me... on the cutting side.
So they will cut basic shapes, like circles, hearts and flowers.... and they will get payed for that:)
A way that I found for them to add more money to their little box.

For this month I also made a program of making extra meals and bite food to freeze.
This will be a good experience for them also to help me and for me to try to make bite food that can be use on their lunch box.

I'm aiming for mini pizzas, wraps, mince rolls.... and what more we can find useful for freezing and then reheat.

I also made a list of things to declutter.... and things to do to improve my working and storage space.
Let's see how it goes.... I'm not really a hoarder.... I only bring home what I need.... but to through away is another story.... I always think that is going to be useful in the future.

I'm also aiming to get a nice scheduled for the cleaning of the house that will not clash with my work and with the girls extra mural activities.... that is going to be a challenge... yes it is.

So hopefully you will see in the next weeks posts about all of those ideas above.... I will try :)

This is going to be my "winter holidays"

Cristina xoxoxoxo

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