Thursday, January 08, 2015

My Life in organizers

All my helpful books are in hand now

I have a Agenda for my daily appointments, where I write what am I going to do on daily basis, and also to keep me on track with all the girls extra school activities (tennis, Hockey, Ballet, Poetry, etc) For now it looks a little empty, school only starts on the 21st of this month…. I will post another photo later for you to see how full this baby can be!

The other one is for orders, I write there every single detail, pattern requested by client, colours, sizes, prices, final cost, and some additional info…. It is very helpful; you don’t forget a single thing.

In this book I draw all the requests from clients as the future ideas with drawings…. This is a book that I take with me all the time, never know when a idea comes and have to put it down straight away…. Daily distractions sometimes make me forget a lot of stuff.

I can’t leave without my agenda that is the first point. With two girls and double activities, I have to keep up with all, have to be sharp….
One thing that I heard as I got to South Africa is the “mommy taxi”, never understood well what that was until my oldest girl started school….
In Portugal the kids go to school by their own… I always walked kilometres to go every day to school, we only had 1 car and that was for my father to go to work.
Here you have to take the kids everywhere, to school, to ballet…. That is why when your kids start school you became a taxi and there for the name “mommy taxi”
I can understand now, and now I see that all this mommy’s just driving here and there, like me.

But I only have two girls, which helps a lot, the activities are similar and in the same places, although in different hours. Can you imagine a family with boys and girls with different times…? I take my hat to them, because by the end of the year I am exhausted with these two, that mommy should be called, “super mommy taxi” J

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  1. I love that you show how you plan. I always enjoy seeing (and learning) from others.