23 March 2014

Ballerina improved...

Hello All
I know today is Sunday, but you know when you do crafts and you are the only one doing it (no helpers in the picture), Sundays aren't really a rest time, only if there is a out going and there is no way that you can take your crafts with you!

Today I tried to improve the Ballerina that I've been making for ages...

I always thought that she should have a neck, after all that is what I hear my girls ballet teacher saying, head up, show up your neck!

I also made the all doll in one part, not like the original design with arms and legs to sew later.
I must say I'm very happy with the alterations...

So that said, I made some alterations on the old design, gently given by Erica Catarina from the Ei Menina! blog.

What do you think...

Till next time.


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