Monday, March 17, 2014

Mondays are not so bad!!!

Hello Monday
This week is going to be short there is no Friday... well technically there is Friday on the calendar, but it is holiday here, Humans Rights Day.
So we are waiting impatiently for this weekend of 3 days....

N finish her work with felt yesterday...

I think for a first time beginner it is not bad, not bad at all.
She cuts very well, I do think I'm going to start to use her for my goodies, with a percentage for her well deserved work.
I've already told her that, and she can't wait to start...

Then I made a last minute gift for a teacher that is going away today...

It is a notebook with a removable cover.
I think she will like it!

And then we did a cute wrapping

All written by A's hand.... it is very cute!

Till next time



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  1. So cute! So, tell me about Human Rights Day. What does that mean? Besides a three day weekend?