Thursday, February 13, 2014

Hot, hot and hot....!

It as been an absolute pain, the weather around this part of the world.
But apparently everyone is complaining about the same all over the world!
Where it is winter, lots of rain, very cold weather.
Here it is too hot, we have been having temperatures of 32° at 9:00am, starting the day like this it is a real pain.
It is difficult to drive, to stay outdoors, and the most important thing, it is difficult for me to actually do my little crafts.
Fans and air conditioner are everywhere!

But I do not give up, I have a  fan close to me, and that is my helper :)

Lot's of goodies have been made here

More Tooth Pillows (they are becoming viral ;) )

Had a order for my crochet ballet buns

And managed to play with a new product for my little shop

....and yesterday I wanted to start to make farm animals.... started with this little girl!

Starting now another little animal...

See you later



  1. I'm constantly amazed at how cute your creations are.

  2. I agree with Ruth! So amazing all you do.