Tuesday, November 26, 2013

This and that..... that and this.

Happy Tuesday everyone!
The weekend is almost here....
The November is almost finished...
And the end of the year is... you know...around the corner.....

Crazy, crazy

The Bunnies Mobile is done, and the mommy that ordered, loved it!!!

I'm always happy to see a big smile as I open the carrier box to take the mobile out, it is in fact a moment of suspense, you know like the movies..... "What would the mobile look like"- that is what I see on their faces.

Aren't they just cute!!!

Now I'm working on 3 mobiles, an order for a shop, that must run....run.....run

So this weekend I've started to cut felt

It will be the Love Birds, The Transports and the Bear Mobile, this last one will be new....


The boys are back in town (again)....

Another order for a birthday girl, these are going to be presents, not party favors.
I think she is going to love it :)

Till next time

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