Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Long time.....


Long time with out posting here

I should say it is facebook fault!!!!

Lately it is easier for me just to post one picture and a title and that's it!

I can also do that here, but don't know why it looks easier and faster there.....

If you want to follow me on facebook here is the link

Facebook follow me

But I will try to post here like in facebook, 1 picture per post.... what do you think?

So let's end the bla bla bla and get to the finish items....

So I've been making Christmas decorations, not thinking about it this year, but since i have a display to here it goes

Made this little cute gingerbread man

Then I made this cute guy

Then this to had to the special red hat guy

And why not, the typical Christmas balls

And after that I had a order for a wild life animals mobile, so here is what I made so far

My favourite.... the giraffe
Love them all ;)

So that is it, what I’ve been doing so far, but wait

I still have to finish this wild life mobile...
Make 2 mobiles for the library display, 2 hot air balloons and lots, and lots of flowers until the end of the month....
So, yah.... lots of fun

See you, sooner, I promise...


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  1. As always...I am in awe of your talent and jealous of your crafting time. I'm glad you posted even though I follow you on facebook its nice to see you post here.