Wednesday, February 06, 2013

Ballerina Shoes and a Miss...

I can't believe it is already February!!!
January is gone, my oh my.

It seams like yesterday we celebrated Christmas and New Year.

If someone asked me what would be your perfect invention, i would definitely say, a Time Stopper!

That would be so cool!

Imagine we could freeze time, but still be able to move yourself!!
things would get all done.

There would be almost, yes i say almost no check list to do. We would have time for everything.

OK back to reality,

The key-chains ballerina shoes are done....

And almost gone...

This was a huge success

Got to put the speedy on my hands to do more :)

I also made this doll

This was a January challenge for a group that i belong, all in felt.

Very cute indeed!!!

You can see the Doll HERE (from original craft creator)
And you can download the pattern HERE

Thats all

Got to run to pick up the girls from school

See you all next time....


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