Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Fabric, felt, pincushion confusion!

School starts today!


The girls were already craving for routine, and it started today.

Lots of stationery to take to school, new and old.

This will be the first real year for N. 4th grade here in South Africa is the beginning of exams and serious evaluation.

She is not worried about that, as always she will take one step at a time.

So what you do when the kids go to school and you have the all morning for your self?

Well you can rest and sleep, after all it was a big holiday, and getting two girls busy all the time was exhausted.

Or you can do like me

Do crafts...

Did some catch up on all my crafts.

Did this little helper for my pins, it was easy, but i mess a little when joining the face to the body!

The How to is Here

And then i made a new cover for my notebook

Cute bird, loved the way i use fabric for the wing, but i still have to work better on this technique.

I also started this cupcake keyring

No decoration yet, but this was just for me to see how it looked at the end.

So most probably you will start to see more cupcakes from now on.

For now it is all

Do have to run to pick up the girls

Yes time does fly

See you next time


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