Friday, July 23, 2010

Experience that went bad


I've been working with some fabric
Making experiences too
And this what came out of it

 A nice Pencil and Notebook holder

I very happy with the results

But, there is always something to annoy me

You See those two pencils out of the holder, yes i didn't made the measure right, and they are out of there "nest" just because they don't fit inside!!!!!
Crappy job that i made.
Although i liked the result, I'm going to make another one, yes i do like to suffer....

A good experience that ended with success
Remember the potholder that i showed, i don't know maybe last month, well they are done finally. And these two goodies ended fine. No mistakes here, duhag!!!!

Back to normal life.
N is back in school, she was in toes to go back, i guess she got tired of seeing mummy watching to many football games on TV :)
And her Teacher, is expecting....
I can see myself doing a lot of goodies for the baby...


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