Friday, May 28, 2010



Sometimes life just takes a turn, and we just have to go with priorities. It happened here, and the blog post had to stand in hold.

Although I've been making some little things, not much, but with utility for the house.

Started to make some potholders
This is the first one...
Hope to show the pair made in my next post.

Here I'm trying to make a granny blanket with some left overs that are just pile in the house.
Slowly but I'll get there...

And when i said that i was making small things, i wasn't joking.
This was the first attempt to make a bennie for N with the school colors.
But can you imagine, it doesn't fit her head!!!
And it is so ridiculous small that it doesn't fit A head too!!!!
What was i thinking...

Well the second one is on the way, and this time with the proper measures.
Photos to came...

See you now now, i promise...


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  1. I tend to make hats too large so that they look like they could be used a tent for a scout troop!