Friday, June 26, 2009

Adventures in the fabric land

Making experiences with fabric

Tried to make this little cute basket, the pattern of how to do is here, and you really can’t go wrong!

I was so happy, that i made another one, Ha ha.

Then i tried to make a bird, yes this was supposed to look like a bird, i realy can’t see there a bird, but that is just me!!

Someone thougth it was very cute, but still it didn’t went to the toys room.

Made also this chicken mobile for the girls room.

Put some beads in between the chickens.

It was fun to do, this one i like how it looked at the end. Next time must try to make in fabric.

Made also this little apron for the bottles of wine.

This is a good idea to give to someone when you go to to their house for dinner, quick to make, and the owner will be happy.

But all this post comes to a conclusion. Lately i just fall in love with Tildas.

Love the colors that they use, love the decoration that they present, and just because it isn’t too girlish. You can adapt the pattern to your how convenience.

I’ve already made some litle experiences, but that will be a mather for another post.

See you all

Ta ta.

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