9 March 2007

What a crazy friday

The beginning of today was crazy!

1st my little girls awake At 6 a.m. and forget it about going to sleep again.

2Nd i open my computer and went to see the mails and guess what there were no mails, no i was starting to think what happen to everyone?

3rd i discovered that all my sending weren't sending At all and the received ones were trapped in the spam thing!

Why may you ask! Well i really don't know.

4Th i add to see who received mails and who din't, i had to take mails out of the spam and reply to everyone with almost one week later.

SORRY to everyone that i din't replay.

Now i finally finished my first sock with 4 needles and I'm very happy, the only not is that these ones were meant to Nicole, and i don't know what happened they just fit Angelina feet, well they weren't lost anyway!

This picture was the beginning of my project ( i did it 4 times) but at the 5Th time i didn't like the color and changed to my sock yarn.

It isn't the really sock yarn, i just call it that because i made socks for me and for Nicole and now for Angelina. it is almost the family yarn.

And yesterday i had a little time to knit this little heart!

i think it goes very nice with my keys.
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