3 September 2014

...3 days later....

Hello September
Welcome... hope you bring nice weather with you.... just a little bit hotter.... I said just a little bit....
.... temperatures here since Sunday afternoon went crazy... from 9º/10º.... to 22º/25º...

Now I have a lot to show.... who follows me on facebook is updated.... who follows me here is a little behind on my work....
So without any more bla bla bla, let's start this long photo heavy post :)

New Christmas decorations that came with a order....
I personally love the glove... thinking of doing a new advent calendar this year like that to hang on the Christmas tree.... time oh time!

Do you still remember this first one that I made in 2011?
It is still alive... got a order for it also :)

Then I took the Sunday out to cut work to be done during the week (it is working fine like that, maybe it is going to be a routine to keep...)

 Mobile butterfly (that I will post tomorrow morning already done)

And preparing for another market....
Tooth pillows, Hello Kitty and Dinosaurs.

Now update from today :)

 I think this mobile is going to be my new "in love" cuteness <3 p="">
I told you this was a loooooong post....

I promise that tomorrow I will post again....

Cristina Xxxxx

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