Monday, June 30, 2014

Winter holidays

Good morning

It is a beautiful winter day with lost of sun..... and it is school winter holidays for 3 weeks!
So my little ones are at home....

Wasn't accept for the church market (apparently they had too many requests), I will try again next year!
So for now I will only have a Pop Up Shop market to supply to.
Things must be done until the middle of this month.... so I'm accelerating here....

Making flowers with new colours.... I just can't stop!

So see you all next month....


Saturday, June 28, 2014

To forget the cold I made flowers!

Cold, very cold here....
So I made flowers....
Feeling a little bit hot....
And made some shopping of a crazy sized buttons

See you

CristinaX xxxx

Friday, June 20, 2014

Now, now and now....

I've been absent from my little blog, now that is not very pretty.... reason: making some secret work for some secret people that can't tell me about the secret work that I'm making :)
Making another secret work, that the recipient can't find out about, until she receives it!
And trying to be creative at the same time, not easy!
Made another owl with very bright colors!
Then this past weekend made a vertical mobile.... Hmmmm.... I think he is a little bit "naked" got to redo this one....

Then I thought it was a good idea to call for help....
....and why not ....
Still have to work a little on the smurf cuteness....
Today is Friday, my favorite day.... 2 days ahead to just relax!

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Old and New!

Old and new stuff to show.
Sometimes we must remind people of what we have ;)

So do you remember these little ones....
I will give another try, they are so cute!

Pin flowers, also one of my first designs here, but now I made more :)
Learning better how to play with colours, they are getting prettier.

Much more to come.....

See you
C xxxx

Saturday, June 07, 2014

My Pony!

Here is the reason for not posting here lately...

Got a request for a birthday party for my little pony....
I was so nervous about doing the all thing... it took some time, but I think I nailed it!

From this to....


Absolutely a charm of cuteness!

I had green light to go, just need to know how many. Party will be for August, so there is plenty of time to cut and play, sew and play, pack and done ;)

See you


Friday, June 06, 2014

Late, I know....

But for a good reason, you will see on tomorrow post...

Now for this post I have to present Mr. Dino

He is very cute, and it is for a name banner for a boy!

Can you see the cute detail on the letter S....

So see you all tomorrow



Monday, June 02, 2014

Ballerina Bear Cloud Mobile

I have finish the most cute bear ever!!!!

And she comes along with a sweet cloud....

All together they look like this....

Love the look of it <3 p="">
Now this mini mobile measures 50cm long.... It can be a substitute for the name banner..... instead of sweet dreams you can had your baby name.

Isn't it fantastic!!!!

Now to make the boy version :)

See you  XXXX

Sunday, June 01, 2014

WIP Ballerina bear

Hello June
Another month on, and we almost in the middle of the year, time flys!

Well yesterday was the screening for the church market, lots of people, more that I was expecting (guess there is a lot of people here doing needle craft also, never imaged that!). A little confidant that I will be picked, I was the only one there with felt work, and for that matter it will be a novelty to see....

So with no orders on sight :(
I started to cut some minions... thinking of the market.... thinking positive here.....

Yesterday night I saw a picture on the net that I liked very much...
A ballerina bear with a cloud.
Here is something new for my goodies.
Started already to draw and cut...

See you xxxx