1 December 2009

Where can i find a 48 hour day???

I used to have a lot of time when i was single ;)

Then i got married and my time started to get shorter, but i still had time to do some crafts, and to read a book in the couch...

Then i had my first girl, the spare time here, went from 50% to 25%, it was OK... eventually you get used to it

Then i had my second girl, and oh boy, the word time, only appears in the dictionary, that's for shore!!!
I mean for me to be able to do some crafts i have to close them in the pantry, or sit them in a chair with a rope around, just in case... I'm joking!!!!
My spare time really went away, not even to read a book, even if i sit in a couch to watch a little of TV, give me 5 minutes, and the movie transforms to a cloud...

Wait A. is calling....

OK I'm back after 20 minutes, see this is what my day is all about...

So since this is the first day of the month of Dez.
And there will be 24 sleeps until Christmas (words of N.)
And because there will be 30 days until this year is a bye, bye
I decided to make a post, ha ha.

And because i don't like to make post with out pictures.

Here are two mini purses for coins.

This one has a free tutorial on the net.
I like it, but maybe next time i will try to make it bigger.

And tis one was for one of N. friends from school for her birthday.
I even did the embroidery name on it.
It looks so cute.

I'm going to make more of this...

So wish me luck
for the next post

Ta Ta

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