Sunday, July 26, 2009


Meet the new member in the family
It is a she
It is a labrador
Her name is snowy
N put this name because she is so white!!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Arrow Cardigan

This was my finish project that I wear yesterday.

Start date: 24 of April.

Finish date: 19 of July

Here is a detail of how i did the button hole, with a crochet chain.

Here is the detail of the sleeve, plain and simple.

Since I had to put the mystery project in the middle (my first xaile), this one took a little bit longer.

I saw the pattern lace in Purple it. But I couldn’t see a cardigan on me full of lace, not yet, so I decided to improvise totally.

And this is the result.

Comments Please :) ........


Friday, July 10, 2009


I've finaly finish my Xaile.
Not because i didn´t like it, but because graphics aren´t my strong, and working with 335 stitchs for me it was too much for first time!

So i'm going to show the 6th part
here it is

and the Mrs. Xaile
Already donne

Have a nice weekend, blogfriends :)


Perfect decoration!

Today i'm just going to make a note about a blog from my friend, that lives in Portugal.

She makes lovely decorations on cakes.

Just go and check.

Have a sweet weekend


Thursday, July 02, 2009

And the xaile goes on...

It is almost Friday and I’m still on the 4 clue.

Tomorrow the seven clue, and last one are out, and I’m so far behind!

I’ve got my doubt about this xaile. He looks a little small. Let’s see when I’ll finish the last clue if I see that he is small, I have to frog it and just do some repeats of some clues.

Here are some photos of the detail of every clue.

This time i got the real colour!

Ta Ta