Tuesday, May 12, 2009

How to make the legs of pants longer.

Another transformation, from old to new.

These ones I really don´t understand. They are too short to be pants, and too long for shorts.

So since Nicole needs some more pants, and they have the perfect size in the waist, I decided to make a plan to make them longer in the legs.

I’ve cut 2 rectangles of fabric with the double of the measure of the pants.

And join to the fabric to the pants with some ruffles in the fabric, and on top I’ve put some bias tape.

Now to take the most advantage of the pants I put their hem down, you can see the photo that white line, so I just sew on top another bias tape.

And that was all.

She gave the highest score for the new pants. And I’m happy to be able to restore old clothes, and give them a new extra look.