16 October 2008

Spring cardigan

Just wanted to show one of the projects that I finished a long time ago, but only this week I found the buttons for this cardigan.

The pattern comes from Drops.
Had a little problem in understanding how to join the sleeves under the arm, but at the end I follow my intuition.

I like this blue; it is called blue jeans from Elle knitting family 4ply.
But to make a sweater or something like that, it was too dark for the kids.
So I tried to make in crochet, and you can see that the blue isn’t so hard, and it is really softer for kid clothing.

I’ve a little quiet, because I’m busy doing the dresses for my two girls for their baptism, that will be in the beginning of November. So now the stress is starting to come out.
I’m doing the top part in crochet, joining fabric at the bottom of the dress.
And also doing a little shrug, I don’t know how the weather is going to be, so that is my emergency plan.

So most probably I will only post when I have everything organize, nicely.
So back to work


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