18 February 2017

All I do is....

Work, work, work... this looks like one of Rhianna songs 😏

But is a work with pleasure! otherwise I will be only driving the girls to and from school... taking them to the extra mural activities, cooking and cleaning... and lets not forget getting fat from sitting on the couch the all day watching TV while waiting for the next chore.... yes I'm not that type!
Working with felt and the things that I do are some times complicated, and sometimes takes more time then I anticipated... BUT... for me they are an excellent anti stress from all the things (and people) that surround me. I fell that I'm contributing something to the house... and that for me is a must! I've worked since I was 17...(will not say how old I am now)... and it is not my scene to just stay and chill for eternities....
That is me!

That been said... let me show what I've been up to...

Another quiet book was made... personally I loved to do the page "My Town"

Banner came next....

And these cute Unicorn Alice Bands for a birthday party.... 

Can you see that I love what I'm doing...? 💗💗💗

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