Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Plane Mobile for cot in felt

.... Plane mobile finished :)

... not the first time doing these cute planes.... but I always like when they look so pretty :)

Now running for a quiet book.... shhhh!

Cristina xoxoxo


Planetarium and South African Museum

Sorry to post these ones a little late....
Monday I helped my little girl class on an outing to the Planetarium and South African Museum.
It was fun :)
Didn't took much photos, I was more concerned about not losing any kid ;)

... and there she is :)

Cristina xoxoxoxo


Saturday, July 25, 2015

... and then....

... I remembered that I have a bog!
That I must  should post more of my work... my challenges in keeping organised (guess no organisation here).

Sooooo.... this week I've tried to make rooties/ wraps.
And I finally got it right.... so well done that I even froze some to make the next day again!
No photo to show, sorry :(

been busy with my little business, yes I've been :)
With the girls at school... oh and on Monday I'm going to a outing with my younger girl to the big city... Cape Town.... I'm going to help controlling some kids (more to make sure they all return to the bus once we finished from the museum)
The outing is to the Planetarium and the South African Museum.... I'm going to have fun....with the kids!

From my work to show is...
Finished the Embellishments...

... and they were even nicely packed :)
This was part of a order... hope to see more from this in the future.

... another mobile... this one my first one, with a repetition of the sheep, but the other animals are all new...
Farm Mobile

... and this busy bee here is already cutting another mobile, next one is going to be the plane one with the hot air balloon in the centre.... and preparing 3 pages for a quiet book.....

I see a very busy week.... and a very quiet blog again ;)

Cristina xoxo


Sunday, July 19, 2015

What I did during these winter holidays...

Ha ha ha

Oh my, I can't believe 3 weeks have passed and to be sincere..... there was not mutch done from my not so long list.... so lets see....

taking in consideration the post from here

Laziness.... yes it happened... but I still had loads to do.... :(

The girls actually worked for a extra money with my felt bags.... we went to Merrypak and they spent it all :)
They were happy, and so was I....

I did try to freeze some food bites.... they all worked.... but I didn't made the repeat again.
Oh well there comes more work....

We did managed to clean the garage, the drawer from the main entrance, and half of my cupboard....
I'm starting to change my working space... make it more productive and less confusing....

Cleaning schedule.... what a joke.... with two girls in the house constantly asking for this and that... I should have know better.... I think this will work better during school time...
One think I tried and it must go like a rule.... I have to start my work by 9am, which is already late... but like that I have a little time to do the house chores.... I would like to keep the house chores out of my work time. You know hoe it goes, you stop for hanging clothes, you stop for washing dishes, etc, at the end there is a little of time spent on actual work itself....
So from 7 to 9 cleaning and tidy, and from 9 to 12 Little Wilds time :)

This was my winter holidays!

Cristina xoxoxo


Thursday, July 16, 2015

Felt embellishments

New adventure for me.....

I've been having a lot of people asking me for embellishments and for the other secret project that is still on the making....

for now the collection that I made so far....

to be continued.....


Birds on stick

Cute decoration for tables...
These ones are going for a birthday party

It is going to be a very Happy table :)

Cristina xoxoxo


Tuesday, July 07, 2015

Felt birds on a stick

Hi all :)

Made these two samples for a birthday party.... they are going to decorate a cute table with some seeds.....

C xoxo


Monday, July 06, 2015

Classic Bunny Mobile

Classic design with soft colours.
Perfect for a little girls room :)

Just cute.....

C xoxoxo


Thursday, July 02, 2015

Felt mushroom

I call it midnight distractions!
When I just finish my work late in the evening and start to visit my big blog list.
This very cute mushroom is just adorable... and the good news is that you can also do it :)

You can get the tutorial on Red Brolly
She is also on Facebook

This one is mine

C xoxoxo