12 November 2014

I'm on the right track, Hooray!

Weather in South Africa is very unpredictable.... lately we are having the 4 seasons in a week space. All the clothes (summer and winter) must be always ready to go, no more packing for winter or summer. Guess it is a thing I have to get used to!
So after 2 days of hot weather, we will have now 3 days of cold and miserable wet weather.... have to learn to live with it.
This weather actually helps me with my work, nice and fresh, no sweaty hands.... no discomfort of being too hot and not be able to sew!

Now back to my production for the Xmas market....

This is what I finish yesterday, Owls and Hello Kitty

Here is the full collection of the owls

and the full collection of the Hello Kitty

Now time for some Xmas decorations, starting with the Ho Ho Ho mobile :)

C Xxx

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