16 April 2014

Felt Name Banner

This is the most amazing banner that I made until now!
Sorry about the others, but I just fell in love with it.... and I had straight away a order to make a similar one, again, Hooray!

See the pictures and tell me what you think...

from this....

... adding these two cute Ballerinas....

... to this cute banner!

It as been a challenge to take a decent picture of banners. Everytime I try it always looks to far away, and still I battle to get everything in the picture....
Any advice from the experts in photography.... appreciated!
This Banner was delivered yesterday, the new owner loved it!

Now time to relax just a little bit.... next Ballet nets in crochet.
It is good, like this I will never get tired of my little crafts, always making something different, lucky me!
Enjoy your Wednesday...


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