29 March 2014

let's start an epidemic of stress...

...Yes, why not?
An epidemic of Ballerinas and minions, all together...

So this past week was pretty hectic... final of 1st term here... reports ...proud of my two little wilds...
Funny how they came so smart... with a father as a IT guy and a mother that plays with dolls the all day... crazy family!

Continuing doing Ballerinas, adding a order of some Minions, then another banner follows, and finally a mobile with butterflies!!!
That is my work for the next month, PLUS a building stash for a market happening at the end of April...
But hold on, I'm forgetting something on this list... my younger girl is going to turn 8 on the 10 of April... so pretty sure there will be something like 10 party favors for all her friends that are going to get invited for the party.

Am I in panic...? YES!
Will I be able to do it....? DEFINITELY YES!

I discover in the last months that I work better in stress mode, that said, when I see a lot of work to do and so little time I tend to speed up...
This looks like a confession post ;)
So far I did some more Ballerinas and started to cut some Minions...
Pictures please....

Some made... another thousand to make

See you next time


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