7 October 2013

Ho Ho Ho .... It's on its way...

Monday is here again, and I can't believe how we are running with giant steps towards Christmas!
Crazy, I say.... and crazy now you start to think...

Lots of work here, after the big order from the Minions, more were asked from the same person (last minute replies to the invites), so more work for me :)

The Hot air Balloon for a boys room is done, finaly....

It is absolutly gorgeous.....

My goal now is to make as much Christmas decorations as I can, reason....

I was invited to make another exposition on the public library, and since it is going to be during the November month, Christmas decorations are in order.

So I have some from last year, that I only have to make some little improvements

And some new ones already made

...WIP for some more

I will came later in the week to show more decorations

Hope you'll came too.....



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