Monday, January 28, 2013

Monday morning shopping

I think it is so nice to start the week shopping for crafts!

Especially if it is a Monday, isn't that a a wonderful beginning of the week?

Well what did i get...

Buttons, but they are to tinny!!!!

Check the measure....

It is crazy!!!!
I really don't think it can go smaller then this.

I also got this wonderful pink pearls

They are exactly what i was looking for the garland that i want to make.

I will try to get exactly the same size in white (next Monday maybe?)

This is currently the work on my table

Ballet shoes keyring

Really cute, and i do believe every ballerina should have one!
It is a must!

So back to work
This is a pleasant work to, i love it!

see you...

Monday, January 21, 2013

Lights, camera, action...Ballet on!

This weekend i tried to make a bigger doll, ballerina doll.

She measures 25cm, and I'm crazy in love with her!

You can see the difference here, from this one just made and my old ones

Now with the bigger one i can even do more details that i was unable to do with the first one, and i like it.

I still have to decorate the dress at the front, but she is a star already!

New production of key-chains

and also with Ballet theme

Love it!!

It measures 13cm

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Fabric, felt, pincushion confusion!

School starts today!


The girls were already craving for routine, and it started today.

Lots of stationery to take to school, new and old.

This will be the first real year for N. 4th grade here in South Africa is the beginning of exams and serious evaluation.

She is not worried about that, as always she will take one step at a time.

So what you do when the kids go to school and you have the all morning for your self?

Well you can rest and sleep, after all it was a big holiday, and getting two girls busy all the time was exhausted.

Or you can do like me

Do crafts...

Did some catch up on all my crafts.

Did this little helper for my pins, it was easy, but i mess a little when joining the face to the body!

The How to is Here

And then i made a new cover for my notebook

Cute bird, loved the way i use fabric for the wing, but i still have to work better on this technique.

I also started this cupcake keyring

No decoration yet, but this was just for me to see how it looked at the end.

So most probably you will start to see more cupcakes from now on.

For now it is all

Do have to run to pick up the girls

Yes time does fly

See you next time


Monday, January 14, 2013

Bird and Flower Felt Garland

Here it is the garland that i talked about on my last post.

I was thinking of using hearts, but at the end the flowers won!

                                                      Garland with Birds and Flowers

                                                        Spaced with beads in between

This garland will be in my shop from tomorrow.
Do come and visit if your interested.

Thank you for the visit

Friday, January 04, 2013

Work is always good

My table as been full of work, good work for a time now.

Birds and hearts are flying from my hands to a gorgeous garland.

This is the beginning

more photos to come of the actually finish project.

Thank you for your comments
Everyone is absolutely fantastic.


Wednesday, January 02, 2013

Always a new begining

So here we are in 2013!!

Can't believe that 2012 is over, and it went so fast.

I guess when we busy with something that we love, time does fly!!!

Made one resolution that started at the very first minute of this year, but it will only come public once i get through it, you may laugh, it was only one, but very powerful for me, and since this is the second day, it looks like it is stronger than i anticipated.

But back to cute stuff.

Made this gorgeous mini bag for my oldest girl

She's been asking for a long time, and now i had the time to actually finish.

It is amazing what a day with out times for this and for that gives us, the freedom to just do what ever you want, with no concerns of, i have to go out, pick up the kids, or supermarket, or this and that...

I've also started to cut new things for Little Wilds, in felt.
New collection of embellishments, that you can use to decorate a coat, a bag. Cover a fresh hole that your girl just made on her new beautiful pants, that you just don't want to trow away.
You can use it also for scrapbook, to decorate your pages, or why not decorate their room.

More finish work next time

See you....