Friday, March 28, 2008

Back to normal.

Here is what I’ve been doing. The middle march dishcloth, from the monthly dishcloths Yahoo Group.

It is a bunny, although in the beginning I thought I was doing an Easter egg!

This one goes to the bathroom, not to wash dishes there, but to serve as a washcloth for the bath of the girls.
I used some mixture of cotton there. The white is Peaches n cream (the rest of it), and the pink is Patton’s mercerized cotton, and I used with two strands along.

The Jacobean socks are in the 50% stage.
Finish the first one, and already started the second.

And if you’re interested in the SKP2008 Group, you can find them here.
And for the owner of the pattern, it is here.

This pair of socks must be ready to show in the SAM5 until the end of this month, I know, not much time there, but I can do it!

Friday, March 21, 2008

Keys and padlocks.

I would like to say thank you to everyone that passed through my blog, and to everyone that has left me a comment. It felt good, you know!
Like I said, I lost every information of everyone, so if I usually used to replay to the comments in person, that I prefer, and I didn’t do it this time, it is because I don’t have your email.
Blogger doesn’t give that information, unless you tell them yes, so if you have problems with that, you can send a email to me, my address is the right bar. Thank you.
I’m really starting from scratch, I probably this time I will not put so many information, and links inside my computer. Usually I didn’t use not even 75% of it, I just kept it there because it was cute, but never would have the time to do it!

According to the statistics in this country, we must probably are going to get a visit from the same guys in more or less 6 weeks. Yes, they wait until the insurance pays, and we can put all the stuff again. Bad luck for us, because we don’t have any insurance, and for them because there will be nothing new to take.
Although we are starting to be more careful with the doors and windows. I never had so many keys and padlocks at the same time in my hand!
For you to have an idea, the front door, has the normal key, them it has something that goes inside the hole of the key, so that if you try to put some kind of those magical keys that open everything, it won’t go even inside, and then we have also in the same door another kind of iron stop at the bottom!
Yes, 3 things in the same door. Got to give them hard work!

Well, hopefully next time I will be able to show the work that I’m doing.
Lily, I’m still doing your work, I didn’t forget. In fact, when I’m nerves I usually clean everything, a thing that I couldn’t do because I waited for the guy from the fingerprints until the afternoon, so I had to put my hands busy!
So see you all in the next post.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Don’t wish too hard, or it may come true!!!

Yes. Don’t you ever, ever, never, and I mean never wish too much something, because if you don’t have it yet, or it didn’t happen yet, there may be a reason why!
On my last post, I was speaking with my mouth full, that I had to turn my pc off, to have more time, and so on. What was I thinking?
I think someone took my words seriously, too serious for my taste!
(I must say that everyone is OK.)
We are robbed on the night from Sunday to Monday. Yes this is real!
Apparently here in South Africa is normal for the houses to get robbed while people are sleeping!
It sounds scary, but usually they spread some kind of smoke in the house, especial one that people will fall a sleep so deeply that nothing will awake them up, and they just clean the house.
Now, guess what they took!!! My PC, among other things, of course. Wallets, all our documents, money, hard drives, phones, even cigarettes!!!
Apparently, they didn’t put the especial smoke in the house because we didn’t have any headache. That is the symptom for the smoke.
So in the morning we went down the stairs, the rooms are in the first floor. And what a night spree!!!
Now, the bag from the last post, may she rest in peace, went also, I didn’t even had the chance to use it properly!
I’m so mad about everything, of course everyone is ok, but we always take some time to get stuff for us to have, and some guys just come here and take it all away! GGGGGRRRRRRRRRR
Must now wait for my husband to came home from work, to have a little of internet and pc.
All my files, everything is gone, so if I didn’t replay to some one please excuse me, could you please send it again. And no record of emails here. So if you want me to replay, you are going to have to leave me your email also.
I think this is my first post ever with no photos.
See you

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Happy Bag

This looks like a good day to talk about my new FO.

It rain the all night, and in the morning, and now (13 pm) It is shinning outside like there was no yesterday!

Looking at this bag now, and the crazy weather outside I can see a rainbow in her.

Yah, yah. Everyone is saying, don’t you have a life? Even yesterday there were squares, and today there is a bag!

Really I have, and am blessed to be able to stay at home, with my younger girl, and do some offices work in the morning, and between, one cry and meals, making the things that I really enjoy.
My bag is so gorgeous! If I can say so myself!

I’m going to stop with the bla, bla, bla thing and just leave you guys with the photos.

The inside look. I've tried to pick a fabric that wasn't to happy, i think there is enough colors on the outside.

And there is a detail... of the label and the metal thing to put the keys, and the pocket.

Please do try and make one. You can make this in one day (I’ve got other things to do also, but you can squeeze this project in the middle).

Old news and boring news: I’m still doing the knitting test (I must finish until the end of next week, or else, I will not sleep ever again! Ha Ha)

Must finish also my Jacobean socks until the end of the month (or else I will not knit more socks again! Ha Ha Ha. Now this was too much)

Have to close my pc
Have to close my pc
Better, I think I will not pay the phone bill, that way I will not have internet, and then I can finish everything! BAH
Better get a better solution…

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Copy Cat?

Not much to show here.

Just wanted to get an update of what i'm doing.
Inspired by this post here. I'm doing Inga's bag also.

Inga’s site is this one, and you can find the pattern here. And there is also a CAL for the bag in Ravelry.

The yarn that I’m using is Rowan Tweed. Yes Lynn, I thank you for that yarn.

In my WIP I’ve got a lot going on: Monkey socks, Jacoabean socks, this bag, and the knitting test (top).
So I’ve been jumping from one project to another. Hopping to finish everything until the end of this month. Just have to leave my pc closed, so that I’m not instigated to start anything else.
I’m going to try.

Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Another crochet purse

Remember the first purse that I made for me?
Well, it has been used and abused! It really needs to get washed, seriously!
So, just because I don’t have the patient to wait until it gets dry, great excuse, I made another one for me.

Using this pattern from here

I made a very cute purse, and in the front I put a lucky clover.
Better get the good vibrations into the purse, it carry’s money, you know!

It looks bigger, but if you look closely to the photo you can see on the bottom of the purse, it only appears a little bit of the green part.

And here is the beginning of the first pair of socks for the SPK2008.
This one is my first one cast on toe-up.

I used the Magic cast on, saw the video, and it looked so easy, and you know what it really is. There is so much talking about making the socks up, using that method. And all the ladies that use that cast on once, say they never went back to the cuff down! I can understand that now.

If you’re interested in the cast on here is a video that helps you. I didn’t use circular needles; I used two DPN, to make it easier I put the stitches of the second needle in a scrap yarn to be easier to work the first one, looks confusion, but if you want to try, you’ll see that is easy as pie!

And just for fun.
Here is an art photo of my oldest girl.

She wanted me to take a photo of her hands and feet!
I really don’t know why! Ha ha ha