18 February 2008

Bla, bla, bla ....

Here is a new attempt to make a smaller crochet bag. The person that is using it now, it gives a lot of use, I mean she bumps the bag always everywhere, fills the bag with all the stuff that, we women, know that maybe it is not necessary to put inside the bag!

So yes, exceed of use has prove that it works perfect, the handles don’t stretch too much, and you can put a lot of Kg inside. To add to the new improved little crochet bag, some linen inside with a metal hook on the side so that you can clip your keys there, without have to search for them in the end of the bag.

I do thing that is a good idea, I saw it somewhere, but really don’t remember where anymore.

Yes this one is definitely my choice now.

Not much to say, apart that I’m still working in the Monkey socks, this is where I got so far, not much to show…
Hope to come back during the week with more news.
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