Sunday, July 29, 2007


Cute, yeah!
This was a test pattern that I made for Cindy.
It gave me a lot of pleasure to test something for someone, and to really understand the instructions on the pattern. I’m making some improvements here!

If you want the pattern go to her blog. It is here.
Happy knitting/crocheting everyone

Friday, July 27, 2007

Granny crochet squares, yup!

I’m trying to do some different things in the crochet front.

Well, almost every blog of crochet that I visit as a little of granny squares to show.

So today is my turn. (it's my party, and i cry if i want to, ..... , you would cry too if it happened to you......)

I’m using Pure Gold, 100% Courtelle. I just love this yarn. I know it is synthetic yarn, but who cares. The only thing that I know is that makes wonderful purses, beautiful pillows. It is soft and very easy to work with. So let me stop with the bla bla bla and show some more photos…..

I also like the colors that they have. They are so soft.

There are some ideas in my head to use these granny squares, just sit and wait….

So stay tuned….

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Barbie Coat

Today, I’m going to show how to make a easy coat. No for me, not for my girls, neither my half face. But for the Barbie doll!

The knitting of the back….

The knitting of the arms….

The right side….

The beginning of the left side….

The body of the coat done….

The knitting of the collar….

The Sew up underarm and side seams…….

And finally, the detail of the sc crochet all around, to make it a perfect finishing.

At the end of knitting this Vintage coat, has they call it,

I always think. Wouldn’t be nice if I could do a coat for me, exactly like that. I guess it’s not impossible!
Maybe that is something for me to think in the future.
Meanwhile. A big storm just came down, with rain and a lot of wind.

In this photo you can actually see the two trees, how they are bending. They say that until the weekend we are going to have strong winds, heavy rain, and some snow.

bye, bye....

Monday, July 23, 2007

Mittens and Mushrooms ?

More work done.

Yes I know, it seems like I don’t sleep and just knit. But these works are small, and they just go with the wind, something that we got a lot here.

My fingerless mittens are done, and beautiful.

At the beginning, I didn’t like so much of the pink color, but at the end, It doesn’t look so pink at all. You must be thinking she is getting some problems with colors, don’t worry, I’ve got two girls, remember, and pink is the color of the day, the week, and I don’t know what more…..

The pattern was taken from here
And it looks hard to do. But believe me it isn’t. The only hard thing to do are the fingers, boring, you have to do one at the time. But since that is the beginning. It is okay, because then you can see the mitten grow, and then you start to try it on and she isn’t finished yet!

Next stop.

My garden.

This mushroom just pop out in the middle of my grass.

Isn’t that cute. And ladies it is crochet. I tried very hard to understand the pattern, in the middle I just made my own, and then follow the pattern again. I’m really trying to understand to read crochet, and I will get there. For some of you this may look strange, because I can’t read a pattern, but know how to do crochet, which is what happens when you learn only from looking.

The pattern was taken from here and if you scroll to the bottom of the page you will see the name Kohana the Amigurumi 'Shroom that was the one that I made. Is that similar? Am I going in the Wright way?
This site has a lot of cute things to do in crochet and knitting. Some of them you must pay, and the others it is for free. Nice.

Bye, bye

Friday, July 20, 2007

Recycled flip-flops

Ladies and Gentleman.

Here it is the star of the month!

At the end they don’t look like they were in a war zone to be made.

The finishing makes them very different from what you saw at the beginning. Now I’ve got some recycled flip-flops to go out to the rain, and to stay at home, to warm my feet. Fantastic.
As promised, here are some photos from the hat that I made for Nicole.

I didn’t use her as a model. She was too busy playing. Has you can see for the hem I made a purl row, to firm that hem. And it worked very well.

Here is the detail. I begin with the opposite pattern and then I changed to the one that you can see from the outside.

See you now, now

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

It's cold out side

I’ve been doing a lot of finishing projects. I don’t know why, but every time I empty a bag, there are 2 more projects to put inside, again!
Let’s begin with scarfs. Nicole scarf is done and so is the one for Angelina. The two scarfs were made with the same height. I know they don’t have the same measure, but it is for future time. Hopefully these two scarfs are going to live for a long time!
Blanket for Barbie, and matching pillow – done

It was made in DC crochet, and around it is that wonderful (ggrrrr) yarn in sc. Just to have a little bit of color. Matching pillow, yes because I thing dolls also have the right to be in fashion!
Hat for Nicole – done

Sorry about the bad quality of the next photos, in the first she couldn't stay still, and in the second one it was too dark. Well better luck next time!
This one was made, originally for me, but at the end it fist me but very tight, so I’m starting to give some heritage to my girl, am I starting to get that old?
It was made with a very simple pattern. For the fold part I just purl 4 and k 2, and for the rest of the hat it was knit 4 and purl 2. The tricky part was to decrease in the top. But it turn out right in the end.
I don’t know if someone has notice but I put a chart with the things that I wanted to do this month, in the side bar. So far it is going very well, because like that I don’t fell tempted to star another project as I see, so it is good to discipline my obsession. The bars as you can see are almost, all of them, full. So I think I’m doing a great job so far.
More news in a couple of days.
I’ve got more stuff to show, no pictures for now.
Bye, bye everyone.

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Crafts for all

It is done.
And you know what? At the end it wasn’t so difficult to do. I think it is just me, and my rebellion for a new yarn that I didn’t knew anything about. Now let me make you a tour of the Sts that I made!
In the middle you can see some cables twisting everywhere, yes I’m joking. In this pattern I only used the purl st that is the easiest st to use, for me that I’m a Portuguese knitter. Yes I knit with the yarn around my neck; I’ve tried the other methods, and let me tell you I think this one is the best!
But that is a story for other post.
Now let’s go for some nostalgic moments.

All this work, and much more that I left in Portugal, The containers weren’t so cheap, and we had to select what to bring, is from my mother.
She had the ability of working with crochet, like no other. The yarn was always, I don’t know maybe nÂș 24 or something smaller, and I’m not going to talk about the needles, around that size also ( but the opposite number).

I’m trying to pick up her work and trying to do some things for my house with a modern look.
Let’s see what happens!
Like they say here, in Cape Town,
See you now, now

Sunday, July 08, 2007

Is there bad yarn?

Yesterday i started a scarf for Nicole. The yarn is a kind of what you call 'fluffy'.
But it is not nice to work with it:(
it is so fluffy that i can't even see what I'm doing, and to work every st is a nightmare. I just have to count every st to know that i don't drop any during the row!
Well I've got 5 balls of it, Paulo bougth the yarn. So i will do the scarfs for my girls, and it will be it!
No more fluffy, cute, warm yarn.

Here you can see the detail of the string. I think it is too much hairy.

Cozy cups!
I just found this beautiful pattern on the net here, She calls it the Mug and French Press Jacket.

But you know me, i loved the pattern there, and i even started to do it, but then i just changed for one of my favourite. These pattern is from socks.
They are the 9 to 5 socks, and you can find them here, i just fell in love with the twist off the knitting with out doing that thing with an extra cable needle.

Today it is all.
Hope everybody has a nice Sunday.
See you now now

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

My round pillow

And here she is!
The round star of the moment in this house:)
One side....

And the other side.

I used round crochet to cover the hole in the middle, that you can see in detail in my previous post. And used a 'picot' crochet to close the pillow all around. I left also a little bit of extra string inside for the time that i will wash this one. The pillow is going to the girls room, so it may be necessary to wash her.

Nicole just couldn't take her hands out of the pillow when it was done. i think she is waiting for me to turn my back to go and slide on the floor:)

It is my daughter, i know what that face means:)

For now it is all.

I'm going to do some more crochet, outside in the sun.

Yes today is sun, and a little bit warm.

Bye, bye....

Monday, July 02, 2007


Guess where this round crochet goodies are going.....

The answer is coming tomorrow....

Stay tuned:)